Groupon Policies

Dear friends! We appreciate your interest in Colon Hydrotherapy procedures. Thanks to all of you who bought Groupon deal via Internet.

We would like to bring to your attention couple of issues regarding this wonderful deal.

  1. Our Groupon deal was expired July 31-st, 2013
  2. If any of you for some reason were not able to come for procedure and redeem your voucher, and planning to do it after the expiration day, we would like you to be aware of additional fees. (it is all stated on your Groupon Voucher).

For instance: if you purchased set of 3 procedures for $109.00 - our regular price at the time of the advertisement was $240.00. So you would have to subtract: 240-109=131.

Your remaining balance is $131.00 And you responsible to pay this amount at the time of presenting your Groupon or showing your deal on your electronic devices.

If you paid for your single procedure - $39.00 - then your remaining balance is $41.00

  1. As a part of Eurohealth Clinic policies we are asking for your CC# to hold your appointment. We do not charge any amount on your CC, unless you decide not to show-up for your designated appointment and did not give us 24 hrs.notice in advance. (By phone 828 505-8011). However, if your appointment starts at 11 a.m or 12 p.m you can call at (828) 290-2470. Please, do not use the second # for any other reasons.

In No-show, No call situation we have rights to charge 50% of the amount of the single session of Colon Hydrotherapy.

In past, we had 2 cases, when people provide us with the Fake Credit Card Information over the phone... Please, be above it...

For those of you who are wondering if we are planning to run another "Groupon" deal - our answer is: 'Not" No Groupon, No Asheville deal, No Living Socal deal will be running for our Alternative clinic again in the future.

We thank all of you for understanding and wishing you stay healthy and happy.

Sincerely, Eurohealth clinic staff.

Quite an interesting and enlightening experience.
Nice, unusual concept of healing. I could see the best of European and American Schools in one healer. Thanx for being here for me!
Angel N. Asheville, NC
Since everyone in my family had severe colon problems - I ‘m biggest fan of any Colon detox! The best colonic, a lot of helpful information, strong knowledges.
Antonio T. Hendersonville, NC