Muscle Test

muscle test

What Is Muscle Response Testing

Muscle response testing is included in the relatively new medical field called bioenergetics. Bioenergetics has to do with the energy systems of the body and how these systems are affected by what the body is exposed to, internally and externally.

Our nervous system regulates, controls and coordinates all functions everywhere in our bodies. There are really two basic nervous systems. One, called the voluntary system is under our control and allows to move our muscles and joints, to walk and perform our everyday physical activities. The other, called the autonomic or involuntary system, regulates and controls the function of all our internal organs and glands. We have no control over this system. It works automatically. Nerves transmit all sensations to the brain. Nerves make possible all sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Nerves maintain your balance and keep your temperature at 98.6 degrees. Nerves make it possible for you to swallow. Nerves make your bowels move. Nerves control your heart, liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, male and female organs, skin, muscles, ligaments, etc.

We have trillions of sensors or nerve receptors through out the body. They are in the skin, muscles, organs and glands. They are constantly sending messages over our nerves to our computer, the brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord and the brain then react to these messages and send other messages over the outgoing nerves that activate this or that gland and shuts down others. This is how our bodies actually work. It is truly a marvelous mechanism.

So, our brain and nerve centers in the spinal cord know at all times what is happening throughout our bodies. It knows when organs are diseased or dysfunction and it knows if anything is trying to harm us. It knows this because our sensors are constantly sending messages to our brain. If we could just tap this computer and get a print-out, we could theoretically find out where disease or dysfunction is taking place. This has actually been done to some extend through the field of bioenergetics.

When a large nerve trunk leaves the brain of spinal cord, it divides into 3 main branches. One goes to the skin, one goes to an organ and another goes to muscles. This forms a circuit for the nerve. The organ, part of the skin and the muscle are all on the same nerve circuit. When there is dysfunction in the organ, the entire circuit becomes affected and the electromagnetic field is weakened. Researchers found a way to test these individual nerve circuits and we can now, through an assessment procedure, tell what organs or glands are depleted or dysfunctioning.

Try to make this a little more understanding, let’s talk about magnets for a few minutes. Magnets have an electro-magnetic charge which produces an electromagnetic field that extends beyond the edge of the magnet. You can feel the field or an energy, but you can not see it. When you bring 2 south poles together, you can feel them repel.

When you bring South and North poles together, they attract and pull together, forming a tight, strong bond. Strong electromagnetic currents can weaken a magnet’s field and even eventually destroy it. Our bodies are made from many of the minerals from the earth, and lots of water. We do have an electromagnetic like magnets, but weaker. Muscle Respond Assessment helps us understand if our polarity is correct and where there are weakness or deficiencies in our electro-magnetic field. We believe this relates directly to deficiencies in the body that cause the fields to be weakened. Many things in our environment weaken our body’s electro-magnetic fields. Today, it is believed that exposure to radiation, power lines, appliances, etc., can be harmful to our body’s electro-magnetic fields and can destroy our health eventually, depending on the amount of exposure, strength of exposure etc. Likewise, introducing foods that can restore the lacking nutrients, we believe, will result in the strengthening of that area and also it’s corresponding electro-magnetic field. Everything on this earth has it’s own unique electro-magnetic frequency. We believe this helps us to understand what can weaken and also strengthen your body. A great article explaining this is “Bio-energetic testing” by Monte Kline, Ph.D. Issue # 26 of the “Christian Health Counselor” There are even little machines today to measure this. We simply use your muscles, so you are able to understand and feel the different muscle responses. For further information we recommend: “Body, Mind & Health” by Monte Kline; “The Ultimate Healing System“ by Donald Lepore.

You are unique and your needs will different than others. We simply do not believe “one size fits all”. Thank you for your interest in health!

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