If you want to feel healthy and have better quality of life, rather than feel sick and tired - our office have an opportunity to offer an amazing testing technology that has ever existed.

It is easy, fast and incredibly accurate in responds! There is no prior preparation required. It takes only a few minutes!

What exactly is ZYTO® Compass technology test?

Zyto® technology test is Bio-markers test that can help our clients to decide which nutritional supplements they should be taking at present time, instead of just making the best guesses, based on how they feel or think they need to supply their bodies with.

Our test is a cutting edge of technology when we see our clients. It is definitely give them more confidence and peace of mind in choosing right product at the right time.

Compass technology used by thousands of Health Professionals around the globe, it is a leading body communication technology. It has 95% proven accuracy!

A recent hospital study showed a high correlation between the information provided by Zyto’s technology and the recommendations made by attending Physicians.

How does the test work?

Bio-communication technology (or digital stressors of device) measures the most rapidly changing field in the body which is also energetic field, asks the body questions and records answers. It is very helpful in determining the root-cause of the health issues, instead of covering symptoms. The Compass measures 76 bio-markers in your body, then records the bio-frequency of each marker to determine what is out of range or out of balance. Next, it gives you a picture of your out-of-range bio-markers. When the Compass registers the imbalance, it looks for the exact supplements that bring every one of those bio-markers back into range, or balance. Once those supplements have been calculated, the Compass then gives you a report on the supplements preferred by your body. The report will tell you which supplements bring a number of various markers back into range. Next, the computer prepares a report which contains a description of each supplement and what it does for the client, telling why it will correct a problem detected by the Compass. The Compass makes health assessments simple. All you have to do is place your hand on a small hand cradle, about the same size as your palm.

Your body’s energy field responds to over 400 million bits of information per second. Zyto’s technology is able to read and measure your body’s response to digital signatures that indicate your body’s preferences to help bring it back into state of balance and consequently, improved health.

How to get ready for the test?

No prior preparation is necessary.

We will enter your information into the software program to be able to generate a report at the conclusion of the scan.

How long usually the test takes?

The scan itself takes approximately 5-8 minutes to complete. It make take a little longer for little children. After all, we print a copy for you to take home.

How often Compass test is recommended to do to bring the systems back to balance?

A follow-up scan is recommended in 1-3 month time, depending on the individual being tested.


Zyto equipment may be safely used by people of ALL AGES, regardless of their current health conditions. The Compass is safe for those with pacemakers and by women who are pregnant. Please note: The Compass is not a medical device and does not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. The information provided at the time of your Compass scan is for educational purposes only, to empower you to make personal changes that will improve your state of health.

Very professional. Amazing Results. The treatment is something I have been curious about for years but didn't know where to go. I will definitely try it again!
Excellent. Clean facility. Superbly qualified, as in "over-qualified" therapist who carefully controls and closely monitors progress of the session. Takes it seriously. Never leaves you alone or gets distracted. (Hey, it happens plenty with others.) Abdominal massage is part of the protocol to help move stuff through. I'm a former massage therapist, so I appreciate the skill involved and the attention paid to that aspect. Disposable hoses and speculum used. I've been getting colonics since 1981. Probably had something like 50-60 in total. I've been lucky to have some great therapists and some people who were really awful as I've traveled about and as therapists have come and gone. My last one was a gem, but she just disappeared. This was easily the best session I've ever had with a "pressure" machine. In the past, I've preferred a gravity feed system. It was more gentle with less of the intermittent cramping/discomfort you can get when the water is introduced. I'm a cramper by nature. Bottom line: I didn't know if I'd like this system, but this colonic was even easier and more gentle than with the gravity feed setups. I was most impressed. Very gentle, easy, and effective session. Of note, usually you need to do a lot of purging of residual fluid after the session. Remarkably little this time. Definitely no urgency to have to find a bathroom afterward. That's nice. The result of good technique. I'm delighted to find a new therapist who I liked personally as well as professionally. I would give EuroHealth my highest recommendation. We're really lucky to have such a facility/therapist around here.
The owner, who is the practitioner is very nice and made me feel comfortable in the procedure room.