Tatyana is amazing, she is one of the best energy and healing persons that I have ever met. Truly a miracle worker. Her intuition and natural ability to diffuse negativity, actively listen to her patients and provide incredible multiple services at the highest level of competence cannot be compared. She also will not try to sell you additional services or products that you do not need, this tells me she is truly interested in your healing and well being and not just making money. I have seen her for Colon Hydrotherapy, Energy work, and testing for vitamin and mineral supplement testing, all on multiple occasions. Every time with incredible results. I even had my 9 year old son see her for energy work, with amazing results!!
Staci was Tatyana's client
Tatyana is very professional and knowledgeable. She is very gentle and explains each step along the way while answering all questions. I will definitely be back!
Lindsay was Tatyana's client
Tatyana is a superb colon hydrotherapist and has a professional yet pleasing office and facility. But beyond that, with her medical training and expertise, anyone can trust that they are getting great bang for their buck. No other hydrotherapist in the Asheville area has her range of knowlege - and I must say that some are flakes! (I've gone to over 5 in the area.) I trust Tatyana with my health and my healing. You can too - and for more than just hydrotherapy.
Raye was Tatyana's client
Tatyana is a deeply intuitive person. She has an incredible background of degrees and experience...and she continues to expand her mind and thoughts. She is personable and highly professional as a Health Consultant and Holistic Herbalist., as well as her other areas relating to the total wellness of her clients minds, bodies and spirits. The strength of her intuitive abilities brings clarity and awareness and new avenues for "whole health" to her clients. A session with her is a gift for your spirit.
Susan was Tatyana's client
I was trying to loose weight. With Yo-yo succsess! Ups and downs! Wanted to start with sauna sessions. Tatyana put me on pH balancing program, which took me only 2 weeks and then allowed me to use sauna 2 times a week for 3 weeks. Along with it she was supervising me with sertain supplements. Without such a know legible health consultant, believe me, I would be grasping everything I sew in Health food store, not knowing what is good for my system. So far I have lost 14 pounds ever since april 2010 and keep going smaller and healthier! Thank you Sauna, Thank you, Tatyana! Will spread a great word about your clinic.
Melissa Z. Clyde, NC
Nice, unusual concept of healing. I could see the best of European and American Schools in one healer. Thanx for being here for me!
Angel N. Asheville, NC
Since everyone in my family had severe colon problems - I ‘m biggest fan of any Colon detox! The best colonic, a lot of helpful information, strong knowledges.
Antonio T. Hendersonville, NC
I was going to purchase one of the Far Infrared Saunas! Happily I ended-up in Eurohealth. Tatyana explained me what I should expect if I, with all my health concerns will use it the way I wanted to use. After the first use in the office - I’ve lost my voice for 2 days, after second use I was dizzie and could not drive my car. Many, many thanx to Tatyana, she had scientific explanation on every my problem and stayed with me all this time. 3 month later I finished whole body detox with special supplementation and gradually got rid of fibromialgia, thyroid sluggishness and adrenal depletion. I did a blood test and first time in my life have in-rage mercury and aluminum level! Tatyana saved my money. Now I’ m not dreaming to bye anything, especially if it’s not in my scope of knowledge.
Andrea, 43 years old. Weaverville, NC
Best colonic in town! I have checked all places. Strongly recommend! Nice, clean, verrrrrrrrrry beautifull office, Lowest prices too.
Dr. Christina K. Asheville, NC
In Eurohealth I’ve experienced the best medicinal massage with Professional massage-therapist Gary. He could find all problematic zones of my body without me telling him. It’s like being new again in the same body. It is amazing!!! Thanx G!!! A lot of luck and success!!!
Svetlana V. Fletcher, NC