In late April 2010 Asheville residents were delighted to witness the latest step in the development and flourishing of a natural way of living, healing and detoxification: the opening of «EUROHEALTH», the first English-Russian speaking clinic that offers deep body cleansing at the cellular level.


In our practice we use highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical grade Natural Supplements and Organic Essential oils.

We prefer cash, however we accept all major credit cards.

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Tatyana made me feel so comfortable and I feel so much better!!
Tatyana was very thorough in explaining the process of colon hydrotherapy, making the experience as comfortable as it could be. Her experience and knowledge helped me understand better the digestion process and how I can improve my own digestion.
I was going to purchase one of the Far Infrared Saunas! Happily I ended-up in Eurohealth. Tatyana explained me what I should expect if I, with all my health concerns will use it the way I wanted to use. After the first use in the office - I’ve lost my voice for 2 days, after second use I was dizzie and could not drive my car. Many, many thanx to Tatyana, she had scientific explanation on every my problem and stayed with me all this time. 3 month later I finished whole body detox with special supplementation and gradually got rid of fibromialgia, thyroid sluggishness and adrenal depletion. I did a blood test and first time in my life have in-rage mercury and aluminum level! Tatyana saved my money. Now I’ m not dreaming to bye anything, especially if it’s not in my scope of knowledge.
Andrea, 43 years old. Weaverville, NC