In late April 2010 Asheville residents were delighted to witness the latest step in the development and flourishing of a natural way of living, healing and detoxification: the opening of «EUROHEALTH», the first English-Russian speaking clinic that offers deep body cleansing at the cellular level.


In our practice we use highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical grade Natural Supplements and Organic Essential oils.

We prefer cash, however we accept all major credit cards.

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Very professional. Amazing Results. The treatment is something I have been curious about for years but didn't know where to go. I will definitely try it again!
Tatyana was both professional and kind, and went above and beyond to ensure I received the help I needed. I am looking forward to my next treatment with her, and highly recommend her.
Ever since my friend told me that there is clinic that will help my child to recover from asthma, everything I had to do - to get airplane tickets for me and my son Joseph. He is 8 years old, with severe asthma attacks. When Tatyana told me that she can lead him and me to the mere but can not drink for us I thought all that idea about trip was good for nothing. Two weeks later I realized how’s my mind was scattered. To make long story short - 4 month later my son is asthma free. His Doctor decided to keep him under control for 1 more year. He used to have 5 attaks a day!!! Ever since May he did not have any! Tatyana extremely wize and calming person. She knows what to suggest and prices are good too.
Fran and Joseph I. Orlando, FL