In late April 2010 Asheville residents were delighted to witness the latest step in the development and flourishing of a natural way of living, healing and detoxification: the opening of «EUROHEALTH», the first English-Russian speaking clinic that offers deep body cleansing at the cellular level.


In our practice we use highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical grade Natural Supplements and Organic Essential oils.

We prefer cash, however we accept all major credit cards.

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Tatyana is a deeply intuitive person. She has an incredible background of degrees and experience...and she continues to expand her mind and thoughts. She is personable and highly professional as a Health Consultant and Holistic Herbalist., as well as her other areas relating to the total wellness of her clients minds, bodies and spirits. The strength of her intuitive abilities brings clarity and awareness and new avenues for "whole health" to her clients. A session with her is a gift for your spirit.
Susan was Tatyana's client
Had an amazing experience.... Tatiana is so professional, you don't even feel uncomfortable about anything ! I feel great & truly believe this service has changed my life. everyone should try this, atleast once.. you have to experience the benefits to appreciate it.
I am actually sending my husband and he has an appt. today! Next time my sister is in town from Georgia she will go as well.