In late April 2010 Asheville residents were delighted to witness the latest step in the development and flourishing of a natural way of living, healing and detoxification: the opening of «EUROHEALTH», the first English-Russian speaking clinic that offers deep body cleansing at the cellular level.


In our practice we use highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical grade Natural Supplements and Organic Essential oils.

We prefer cash, however we accept all major credit cards.

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She is a very qualified health professional and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a colonic or to detox. Not only that, the cleanliness of her facility is very good. I have been in places before where colonics were done - this is the best. She is most knowledgeable as well in other areas of health. She never leaves your side and guides you thru it all with her assuring manner.
The owner was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Excellent. Clean facility. Superbly qualified, as in "over-qualified" therapist who carefully controls and closely monitors progress of the session. Takes it seriously. Never leaves you alone or gets distracted. (Hey, it happens plenty with others.) Abdominal massage is part of the protocol to help move stuff through. I'm a former massage therapist, so I appreciate the skill involved and the attention paid to that aspect. Disposable hoses and speculum used. I've been getting colonics since 1981. Probably had something like 50-60 in total. I've been lucky to have some great therapists and some people who were really awful as I've traveled about and as therapists have come and gone. My last one was a gem, but she just disappeared. This was easily the best session I've ever had with a "pressure" machine. In the past, I've preferred a gravity feed system. It was more gentle with less of the intermittent cramping/discomfort you can get when the water is introduced. I'm a cramper by nature. Bottom line: I didn't know if I'd like this system, but this colonic was even easier and more gentle than with the gravity feed setups. I was most impressed. Very gentle, easy, and effective session. Of note, usually you need to do a lot of purging of residual fluid after the session. Remarkably little this time. Definitely no urgency to have to find a bathroom afterward. That's nice. The result of good technique. I'm delighted to find a new therapist who I liked personally as well as professionally. I would give EuroHealth my highest recommendation. We're really lucky to have such a facility/therapist around here.