In late April 2010 Asheville residents were delighted to witness the latest step in the development and flourishing of a natural way of living, healing and detoxification: the opening of «EUROHEALTH», the first English-Russian speaking clinic that offers deep body cleansing at the cellular level.


In our practice we use highest quality herbal and pharmaceutical grade Natural Supplements and Organic Essential oils.

We prefer cash, however we accept all major credit cards.

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Best Neuro-muscular massage I’ve ever had. I am massage-therapist too. Everyone should try!
Ed M. Fletcher, NC
I had an amazing experience and will be back! I already convinced my best friend to try it and she loved it as well.Thank you!!!
Tatyana helped my son and my daugher. Ever since they came back from mission trip to Kenya - they were not right. Whole body detox - colonic, Bio-marker test, sauna - all amazing approach to renew the body and get rid of all paracites. I also liked her honesty. She tries to help, not to drag your money.
Marissa O. Orlando, FL