Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation, Eurohealth, Asheville, Vitamins, Supplements
    During the 90 min. consultation with me you will receive amazing and eye opening knowledge, related to the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic state of your body and health. 
    I  provide you unhurried conversation and with your help will dig up the root of all problems.
    "When people begin to understand that health problems don't start suddenly, but first begin on emotional and mental levels then they will understand what to do to get negative energy out of the body and the labeled disease or unpleasant health condition will automatically leave the physical body too." -  With these words I  always start my lectures!
    If you want or think, that I will ask you to practice "Forgiveness" and "Unconditional love to everyone, even to your enemy" - then you are in wrong place.  I live with the harmony from the Universe, listen to my body and my higher-self spirit, and wish you the same!
    All emotions MUST be expressed!!! No doubt, no argues! And now I am not talking to trouble makers, but to folks who can control decent behavior and understand the point of my thoughts.
    If a person suppresses their emotions for someone's sake, for something, for any religion purposes, rules or dogmas, and also tries to please some strange new age practices, such us standing in front of  mirror in the morning and tell themselves: "I am beautiful, I am successful, I am smart and so on" - they practice nothing but biggest lie to themselves  because if they are already "EVERYTHING" ... why do they have to remind themselves about it every morning??? 
    It's a lie and usually all these practices subconsciously make people do absolutely nothing to improve state of mind, to get healthy, successful, and wealthy! (I personally don't think that all these kind of affirmations were created by mentally healthy people, sorry).  All of these lies with the accumulation of suppressed emotions will turn into autoimmune and other diseases in the future.
    Please note,  if something really bad and disturbing would happen to you or your loved ones, you will NOT be able to forgive. Yes, you can pretend that you've forgiven someone ONLY in your mind but never with your heart. And we will work hard to get rid of problems by right thinking, nutrition, supplements, energy that surrounds you, and much, much more.
    So, when you come to your appointment, please be prepared:
    1. To get the recommendation of the best neutraceutical supplements that I provide, if I  come to the professional conclusion that they will help you.
    2. To get information on the energy work I do, if I realize that the energy is the best choice for you. No, it is not a Reiki, and not a Voodoo. The energy work I do is patented and registered with the WHO (World Health Organization). In 2011 my Energy work was honored by His Holiness, Dali Lama, XIV-th  in Washington DC where I also had a personal audience regarding the Energy work I provide to my clients.
                     I also work with a few private and state organizations. 
    3. To get a wealth of knowledge on nutrition including pros and cons of food, herbs, astrological cycles in general (I am not an astrologer but know how to incorporate cycles of Universe into healing of one's body), digestive problems, chakra energy points, types of the most beneficial exercise for your body shape including the practical daily reboundology and floor lymphatic drainage modalities, energy draining prevention, and I will advise you to certain types of therapies, which your body needs.
    As a stronger believer  of Russian Immunologist and Nobel prize winner, I.I. Mechnikov,( who's medical School I graduated), I always following his proverb:  "All health starts within our Colon and the death begins there too",   I might offer you one or more sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy Procedures that I provide in my Clinic as well. Please read an article about Colon Hydrotherapy on my site, in order to save time on explanation, and please do not confuse Colon Hydrotherapy (that you undergo in Eurohealth, with me) with Colonoscopy and Endoscopy procedures (that you undergo with your Gastrointerologist MD).
    In case if  you get any supplements, I can provide an applied kinesiology (the muscle test) by request. This test originated 2.600 years ago in China and is used in many world renowned clinics by enlightened alternative practitioners! 
    I advise you to prepare all your questions for me in advance in order to save time and get right to the health points. All questions must be related to the person who actually has an appointment. Not to any family members or friends.
    1. I will NOT insist or swear by any diets since I personally never believe in any kind of strict restrictions related to food, except personal intolerance and allergy factors.  But I'll give you enough knowledge and information to realize what food gives you vitality and happiness, and what food sounds like cacophonia of your life.
    2. I will NOT provide any services to people who preach and bring on any religious talks and doubts as I already explained my point of view, and my working modalities earlier in this article. Please, be advised and read carefully before call-in for appointments! 
    Please be aware that after a phone conversation, I may come to the conclusion that the problems you have are out of my scope of practice or knowledge and therefore you should seek another health consultant.
    During the 90 min. consultation I will NOT provide you with any tests available at Eurohealth TM Clinic, as consultation+test packages come with different prices and requires a different length of time.
    3. I will NOT provide you with any health advise related to your family members or friends, despite the fact that they may arrive with you and may be seated next to you in the room. Only the person who has an actual appointment will ask the questions and get answered. 
    I studied for many years in a few different  countries and states of all those profound, and even the most unusual health modalities to be able to help you and your loved ones!  I incorporate past, modern and future of health practices in one appointment.  And I do it with my pleasure.  The knowledge is wealth and wisdom.  Always keep it in mind that you get what you paid for... at least at Eurohealth clinic. 
    With all depth of my heart I appreciate your understanding and future well-being! 
    We are who we are. Fortunately! 
    Be Well. Tatyana Galaxy, PhD