Protocols By Diagnosis

Eurohealth's line of nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical grade using all natural ingredients for optimal health prevention.


For every prospective client I draw up a program to match the client's request.

What is that?

If someone has any latent or chronic illnesses, if someone has ailments that have only begun to manifest themselves recently, and so on – and of course only if the client himself or herself has indicated a desire to be rid of all of the above with the aid of natural medicine – then I create a program designed to heal and maintain the body as a whole.

What goes into it?

– A description of how to bring about natural healing and what to use; where the process begins, and where it ends.

– What kinds of herbs, oils, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other bio-supplements are beneficial in the case of a particular ailment, and which should be avoided. This section also covers the entire range of side effects from the various supplements listed above. For example: not everyone is aware that using the seemingly innocuous chamomile as a tea taken more than once a week can result in irreversible consequences, namely a lifelong seasonal allergy to the ubiquitous ragweed (which can be found growing around practically not every home in Asheville but in other cities, towns in states!)

– What kind of food should be consumed, and what kind of food not only is not beneficial, but could actually create problems for the body and make the recovery process more difficult. For example: few people are familiar with the composition of their enzymes, which decline dramatically with age, particularly after the age of 30. Not everyone knows which enzyme releases which products, or in which organ.

  • Whether or not the person should engage in any particular exercise or, on the contrary, refrain from exercise for a period of time.
  • A full report on any medications that the client may currently be taking. What side effects they have, and what percentage of vitally important depletions they cause. For example: if diabetics use Metformin they should be informed that it can lead to another ailment – elevated blood pressure and arterial pressure, because Metformin is derived from the common herb Galega, which has a dangerous tendency to cause high blood pressure.

Clients should also know that taking any medication for more than two weeks can cause an imbalance in the body of a certain vitally important vitamin or even an entire group of minerals. Sometimes when a person takes pills they expect complete recovery, but instead they feel a new and puzzling sensation, and most often not in a positive way. With my help it is very easy to eliminate those effects, and not just temporarily, but once and for all! Even if clients choose to continue taking their pharmaceutical medications, they will learn what should be taken in combination with them so as to receive only the beneficial effects of a medication that the client has to take. In this case I am talking about medications that are usually prescribed for long-term use. For example: if asthma sufferers choose to stay with their medications, absolutely all of which are Theophylline in a generic form, then they should definitely know what Theophyllline destroys in the body. Not knowing that will lead to a chain of other illnesses that unfortunately, some time later, can be transmitted from parents to children. While the asthmatic stays at the very same starting point where he or she has been for 10 years.

Principle for carrying out the program:

I need to know the name of the illness. Sometimes being familiar with the symptoms is not enough for me, because not everyone can describe them precisely. A program is designed for a specific syndrome or disease.

For those cases when a person suffers from an undetermined ailment, in our clinic we offer the Biomarker Test, which can with a high degree of accuracy indicate in which body system an abnormality has occurred, and also indicate which supplements should be included in the diet for complete recovery.

I usually spent 1-3 weeks designing a program. That all depends on the complexity of the illness, and the order in which requests are received.

I have more than 20 years experience studying, researching and designing programs.

The price is the same regardless of the amount of information and number of pages included in the program,(Usually there are between 10-100 pages, depends on condition, illness or syndrome), or the amount of time spent creating it. Half of that amount must be paid in advance, and the other half on the day the client receives the program. First portion of payment is non-refundable.

I should note that a client is in no way obligated to purchase anything from the clinic once he or she has received the program. Clients have the right to obtain the products listed in the program wherever, whenever and in whatever quantity they prefer, or not, at their discretion. However I am not responsible for clients well-being if he or she uses low quality control supplements.

Before anyone starts any program treatment - they should consult with a primary family physician.