Will I lose weight with probiotics? True or False

-Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today I am very excited because, first of all, I have my best friend, Nutritional Consultant- Michael Burst; the second reason, because we’re speaking about one really interesting supplement that is called Lean Balance. We believe that this supplement should become part of your daily life. Michael is going to answer and explain many questions that I prepared for him, as shown below.

T. - Michael, first tell our viewers what are the probiotics? 
- So basically in a nutshell, Tatyana, probiotics are the “good bugs” for your tummy, which support digestion and all of your material that you're bringing in as fuel or food to become digested and eliminate through your system, but also allowing all of the nutrients to be taken out as well. So, if you're having a great diet, you don't want that to move through and not be able to have all of the nutrients that are coming with it. 

-Yes, that is right. But now there are a lot of people confused between probiotics and prebiotics. Can you explain to us the difference between them?
-As I had said earlier, they are the good bugs. They are what breaks down your food or assist in it, but also probiotics or the “good bugs” are represented in anywhere from 40 to 60% of your gut health. That is in all your immune support. Prebiotics - I will give you this analogy, are almost like the fertilizer for the garden.  You need prebiotics in your GI track to support the probiotic. You can't have one without the other, but that is the difference between a prebiotic, which you can refer to it as a fertilizer and the probiotic  or the good bugs, but both need a healthy host and to survive off of each other. 

-That's a nice explanation. Why do you think it's important to take probiotics nowadays? 
-Because of the standard American diet (SAD) or for that matter, the diet across the world. Even if you are trying to eat organic or you are trying to eat a balanced diet and a modified elimination diet away from high carbohydrates and a low protein, or even vice versa. If you do not have these good bugs or probiotics, then you are not going to be able to absorb those nutrients. And then on top of that, again, the standard American diet is not what it used to be, so there is a lot of fast food. If your nutrient dense diet is reduced even tremendously, then you are not going to have the right bugs to break it down. We need supplementation to be able to help. Also, stress, alcohol, your food intake - there are a ton of different things that can affect your load of probiotics. If you have the right amount of good bugs or probiotics in your digestive track, they can be diminished just by stress or even for that matter, to think about how many people across the world now are on medications.

-Oh yeah. 
M.-Prescriptions drastically reduce the amount of probiotics that you have, and that is why it is necessary to supplement. 
-So literally the probiotic is going to help digestive tissues and digestive issues. 

-That's correct. And again, even if you have an appropriate amount of prebiotics in your GI tract, and let's say you're only taking one medication, that medication reduces your amount (even if your diet is a hundred percent perfect) significantly. So, you have to supplement. These are something that every single person on the planet can benefit from. 

-There is another question that I always hear from people. What are the billions and trillions? Not many people know how many billions or trillions, and what it means and why they must be in such large quantities. Can you explain to people how many strains should a probiotic contain, and if there is any advantage in taking multi-strain probiotics? How does it work?
-There are advantages to taking multi-strain probiotics, but what you need to look for in your probiotics is documented, researched information that is published on each strain. So it's great to have a multi-strain probiotic, but if you're looking for one single thing, or a very sharp specific reason to use a probiotic, you need to make sure that all the strains are researched and published. For example, the probiotic that we are discussing today - Lean Balance, is just one strain that is researched and published for improving body composition. Your daily probiotic that you are after, if you're all after just kind of a GI balance, needs to be a multi-strain and needs to be from strains that are researched and that are published. When it comes to reading labels and why that is so important: the two most common strains that are out there are bifido and lacto strains. Thousands of research studies on them. But if you are saying: I want this for candida overgrowth, or I want to improve body composition, you need to have the specific strain. 

-That is true. I am very excited about these new probiotics that are coming out on the market probably in a couple of weeks, I hope. I wanted to let the people know how this probiotic is going to work on their body composition and how it is going to really reduce the fatty deposits in the body. So how do you think that would work? 
-Lean Balance: the strain is BH 420 and that strain is shown along with a reduced caloric intake diet to have up to a 4.5% decrease in body composition. And that is just by altering your diet and taking the Lean Balance probiotics. This BH strain is specifically targeted at belly fat. So just by taking one capsule a day, and that can be 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal, can help accumulate your goal of reducing body fat along with a modified elimination diet. Just one capsule.

T.-Really?  You think only one capsule will do the trick?
-One capsule a day. 

–Wow! That is very exciting. A lot of people I know, and I can hear this question right now, will say: I am already taking some live cultures. What is the difference between live cultures that people can get, let's say from consuming kefir, and the probiotics that we are talking about?
- Tatyana, that is a great question. There are a thousand reasons why you would want to take a live culture, but in this case you're saying – what is the difference? You want the live cultures so that they plant the seed, and yes, it is necessary to take a probiotic every day, but what you want to do is you want naturally for your GI tract to overcome and be able to recolonize itself after you use the seed of probiotics. What you want is for a live culture to plant that seed, so your own gut flora then manifests around it. You want a probiotic that has a higher manufactured amount than what you see on the bottle and therefore it allows for die off. Let's say you have a probiotic that is a 5 live billion strain. By the time that hits the shelf, it sits there, or it got its ride from wherever its manufacturing facility is to the outlet. You have to think of the die off because these are live strains. That is why it is very important to know your specific source, the guarantee, and the end result. The Lean Balance probiotic that you're offering has its guaranteed 10 billion live organisms, which is the BH 420 strain and that is a two year shelf life with no refrigeration. 

-And I like that on the box it will show in a more understandable form, how much it is in milligrams.  Because a lot of people understand milligrams much better than strains as an indication of the measurement.
-That's correct – it is 25 milligrams and 10 billion live organisms. The most important part is that at the time of manufacturing this particular probiotic, probably has, we estimate between 40 and 60 live billion organisms. Then at the end of the two years, that is when we guarantee the shelf life. So, we're guaranteeing all the way from the time you get it until the time of expiration, which is two years. 10 billion live organisms for your patients. 
-That's great. Speaking about the shelf life, what is the best place to keep your open bottle of probiotics, or this particular probiotic? Do people have to refrigerate them, or keep it in the kitchen, under the open light? What would be your recommendation on that?

-The best maintenance for Lean Balance probiotics is going to be in a cool dry place, but they do not require refrigeration. And the reason that this particular probiotic does not require refrigeration, which probably sounds a little different compared to a lot of other probiotics that are on the market, is the amount of probiotics that are put in there for die off at manufacturing and the heat viability studies that are done that say you do not need to refrigerate. Now, that does not mean that you need to keep them in the trunk of your car in July and the Southeast, but as long as you keep them in a cool dry place, then you're still going to have the 10 billion that is on the package for Lean Balance. 

-What if people are taking antibiotics? Let's talk about that. A lot of people are taking antibiotics nowadays and after the course of antibiotics, they might develop some sign of disbiosis. Is it a good idea to take this particular probiotic together with antibiotics, or does there need to be some time apart for them to work? 
-That's a great question as well. If you have a candida overgrowth, there is a particular probiotic, by the way, which you carry, that is the appropriate bug for that disease state. 

-If people are going to look it up on our website, it is called ARP, which stands for antibiotic resistant probiotics.
M.-There are different strains for different indication, so the ARP is a Saccharomyces boulardii, and that is the particular strain that you want to take to support your GI health through taking a course of antibiotics. Typically, a course of antibiotics is 10 days, and you would take two of your probiotics a day to balance your GI track and negate those side effects, that can be an unhappy tummy during the antibiotic course. 

–But  is it okay to take this probiotic;  For example like, ARP, as it  is good to take because the Saccharomyces Boulardii is good to take with antibiotics, because they do not cancel each other out
-That's correct. And actually, the Saccharomyces help to negate the side effects from taking the antibiotics. Antibiotics are very difficult on your tummy.

-But the lean balance that we are talking today about, is it safe to take it together or would people have to wait until they finish the whole course?
-You can take it with antibiotics as well. It is not going to cancel out the effects. Is it going to negate the side effects of an antibiotic? Not as well as the other formula.

- I probably would recommend taking it separately, of course, not in one handful with antibiotics. 
-That's correct. Whatever probiotics that you take, you need to take daily, because of the reasons we discussed earlier.

-Speaking of daily, do you have to take probiotics for life, or for several months? How long should people take probiotics?
-Whether it is your formula that we discussed to take with an antibiotic, or it's the Lean Balance to help melt away tummy fat, or if it's just an overall probiotic, they need to be taken daily. And the reason being, again, as we discussed, is that the American standard diet is not the same as what it used to be. All the fast food, stress, and medication go in and eat away at the good flora that you have. It is imperative to supplement with probiotics daily. The other thing is - just think of the most recent pandemic  that we just survived – Covid-19. If you are taking any type of medication with that, you’re going to negate any of your good flora that you have, so you need to support that. They say 40 to 60% of your immune system, which is huge with a pandemic, is in the GI tract. So why would you not want to take something that supports it? You know, everything that you hear about Beta glucan or Vitamin C, all those things are great for your immune system, but very rarely do you hear about taking probiotics to support your immune system. That is 40 to 60% of your immune system, right here in the GI tract. That is why it is so important to take probiotics on a daily basis. 

-That's what all scientists recently actually discovered that the GI tract is like this Microbiome, like a new organ that we have to work with, and it's one of the most important organs. Let me ask you something: why is it so important for people to get supplements and particular probiotic from reliable companies, from people that they know or from scientists that they know? Many people are saying that this one is expensive, and I can go to dollar store and spend only a dollar or two for a bottle, and it's going to be the same. And you are trying to say that this is completely different, and you see results from one and the other one does not work. Why is the difference so important? If the labels say the same thing, what is most important to pay attention to on a bottle? Are there ingredients or labels that the bottle does not have to have?
-There are several big reasons to utilize your supplements from a reputable company. Research is number one. Number two is bioavailability. Can this break through your body? Can your body except these ingredients? And number three, I think, is therapeutic dosing. You want to take enough of a bioavailable formula, and you want it to be able to break through. So if you have the most bioavailable ingredients that are out there, but you don't have enough milligrams, or you don't have the strength, or you're not relying on synergy, which means the incorporation of other ingredients to be able to break through your end result isn't going to be there. Now what we do hear a lot is that the doctors are saying: I want you to take this particular brand and the years of research that are behind it, and patients say: well, this looks to be the same on the label and I can get it from Amazon, and it's a heck of a lot less expensive. Those are all valid points, but when you think about something, I do not ingest or I'm not using my Duracell C batteries every day. When I take a multivitamin or a probiotic, I am ingesting that into my body every day, so I want it to have the best ingredients and I don't want it to come from Aisle C, which is three Aisles over from where I placed my Duracell battery order from. The other thing is, most of the warehouses that are out there, for all your e-fulfillment- Amazon, eBay, those are great sites for batteries, toilet paper, Sharpies. They are not the best source to get your supplements. And the reason being is, they are probably not climate controlled. And what are their safeguards? When you purchase supplements from a reputable company, which is where you get your supplements from, you put all this research into it because you are putting your name on it. Those are stored in a climate-controlled environment that are also specifically checked batch by batch. Not each lot, but each batch, so you have got bioavailability, you have got research that is published, and you have got therapeutic dosing, that is imperative to meet label claim. 

-Yes, absolutely. I agree with you. Speaking about the quality of the product in each bottle that is supposed to give us health in the long run; Just last August I was driving past a store that just had a shipment delivered, and I witnessed as I drove to work and then back home from work, that all these boxes with probiotics were standing outside under the sun. Next day I went to that store and spoke to their manager and explained that you cannot keep these probiotics under direct sunlight for so many hours. They told me: it costs $1.99, what do you expect? There is nothing I could say to that. If you just think, for $1.99, if you count the cost of the bottle and the label, and I am not even talking about the ingredients inside, the price will not cover anything. 
Now let's talk about impurities that this probiotic Lean Balance doesn’t have, like gluten or dairy.
-This particular strain of your Lean Balance is gluten free and it is dairy free, so if you have any allergies whatsoever, you will be fine by taking the gluten free and dairy free formula known as Lean Balance. The other big thing too is the delivery vehicle. This is in a capsule. And the veggie capsule that a Lean Balance is in is shown in a dissolution rate study to dissolve within 30 to 45 minutes, which leads us to a question: when do I take this Lean Balance probiotic? You can take it either 30 minutes prior to a meal or 30 minutes after a meal, and all you need is one capsule a day. 

-After a meal is better for me, because I never know when I am eating, or when I will have time. 
-Again, it does not need to be refrigerated.

-Yes. That is good. And my last question: will this formula help people lose weight and when people would see the results? 
-Results should be seen within two weeks. The results that are the best and that are quoted throughout the research are reducing the caloric intake and having that diet support it, or a modified elimination diet, eliminating the Bojangles, the diet Coke, having a healthy diet, and then taking one capsule, either pre-meal or post-meal 30 minutes before or after. Normal circumstances show that within two weeks, there is a 4.5% to 5% of a decrease in body mass.  Just by taking that one capsule and improving your diet.

-Do they need to exercise along with that? 
-That is definitely a plus, but in the research that is published, there was actually no data that said that there was exercise included. There was just an improvement in dietary choices along with the reduced caloric intake diet and one capsule 30 minutes prior or 30 minutes post-meal.
-That is a great explanation. I guess we have covered most important questions regarding these new probiotics that are going to be on the market and will belong to my line – “Eurohealth™”. And for those of you who are interested, I am going to post a link in the comments under this video. You can click on this link for the website if you would like to get this probiotic and read little bit more about it.

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