Colon Hydrotherapy in Asheville

Colon Hydrotherapy Asheville, NC

Why Is Colon Hydrotherapy Good For You?

We often pay attention to the outside of our body. We try to look fresher, to not outgrow a clothing size that is already larger than we might like, but we forget about the internal cleanliness of our organs! Throughout our lives, the colon collects and accumulates on its walls a large quantity of undigested food, which after time begins to ferment and decay, and our large intestine, which is the final stage of the digestive process, turns into a storehouse for internal toxins.

As a consequence, we begin to experience a lack of energy, gas and bloating, abdominal pain, unexplained tiredness, various types of skin ailments, allergies, headaches, bad breath, distraction, thrush, candidiasis, parasitic invasion, weight gain, arthritis, cancer and much more. The problems are numerous, and you will learn about them in the following article, but the most important thing to remember is that the root of these problems begins in our intestines. Specifically, in the large intestine.

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As we all know, today's food abounds in refined, preserved and concentrated products with a lowered amount of natural cell structure, lacking good bacteria, and full of preservative additives. All these things cause fecal deposits to build up in the intestine, normal flora to be disrupted and parasites to develop.

One of the colon's main functions is to eliminate waste, retain water and recover electrolytes and minerals. Should intestinal flora include certain bacteria? That is appropriate to the synthesis of food substances, for example, vitamin K or the B group of vitamins.

What is Hydrotherapy, also Known as a “Colonic”?

Since ancient times people have known that 70% of a person's health depends on the state of his or her intestines. Methods for accomplishing a highly effective cleansing of the large intestine were found in the text of ancient Egypt's Ebers Papyrus. Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic field that is currently being revitalized after many years of being forgotten by classical medicine.

The expectation that medications will provide complete healing is disappearing, and once again the public is turning to natural methods of treatment that do not involve chemicals and do not produce any side effects. Hydrotherapy is a controlled method of deep body cleansing that activates the body's own regulatory, exchange and protective functions.

How the Procedure Is Done?

Before we talk about the indications for and use of this particular method, we need to have an understanding of the hydrotherapy equipment used in our clinic. The procedure is done using the most up-to-date equipment currently used in the United States. It is a closed system (with viewing window) that has been approved by and registered with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

  • colonic irrigation takes about 45 minutes (by law);
  • a unique disposable nozzle that is connected to the equipment is inserted into the rectum COMPLETELY PAINLESSLY;
  • a certain quantity of appropriately warmed water is gently injected into all the compartments of the colon using a small-diameter disposable hose, following which the colon contents are discharged from the body through a larger-diameter hose. In the second part of the procedure, the hydrotherapist uses massage therapy on specific sections of the colon and on the valves of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The procedure is completely hygienic, there is no odor, and it has a calming effect on the nervous system and fully respects the aesthetic sensibilities of both the client and the hydrotherapist

Only at Eurohealth clinic does every client get a dose of high-quality probiotics after the procedure (if desired).

How Is Colon Hydrotherapy Beneficial to One's Health?

The blood circulation in the gastrointestinal tract is improved because it begins to be cleansed of mucus and of shed epithelium, bacteria, toxins and the fecal deposits that have been accumulating there over a long period of time. This procedure significantly reduces the auto-intoxication of the body. Since after a course of cleansing digestive processes improve, in some cases weight loss is experienced as well!

  • If you have various allergies, hydrotherapy might be the right choice
  • If you are starting a weight loss program, a course of hydrotherapy is the excellent way to begin
  • If you have parasites, this is your chance to bid them goodbye! (As you lie on the table you will even be able to see some of the visible ones in the viewing tube)
  • If you have congested maxillary sinuses or sinusitis – you will feel a "before and after" difference after the very first procedure
  • If you have depression – cleanse yourself from within – that is my good advice
  • If you have dysbacteriosis (disbyosis), get rid of the harmful bacteria the quick way – use hydrotherapy! And never forget to take the highest-quality probiotics
  • If you or your child has frequent colds with nasal congestion – there has never been a better treatment than hydrotherapy.

Liver and kidney function improves because those are the organs responsible for removing internal toxins like phenol, methane, skatole, indole and many others. The body's immune system is strengthened! Colonic irrigation cleanses not only the bowel lumen, an effect that can be successfully achieved with laxatives, but also the intestinal walls, which are virtually impossible to reach using laxatives.

For many years now hydrotherapy has been used at Europe's most popular sanatoria, preventive health centers, and spas immediately after antibiotic treatment, and it has been used successfully in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as in cases of acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, because the skin is our largest excretory organ.

The latest clinical studies have found that intestinal illnesses lead to arthritis, and arthritis is first and foremost an inflammation. Inflammation is the start of absolutely everything that we call a complaint, a syndrome and eventually a disease. There is not the slightest doubt that this therapy provides the maximum benefit to a majority of people.

How Many Procedures Should Be Done?

The majority of people need a course of therapy ranging from 6 to 12 procedures. This gives the body a thorough cleansing effect, begins renewing the cells, and may even result in weight loss. But even a single procedure in every 2, 4 or 6 weeks will also provide substantial benefit to the body as a preventive measure.

What Do I Have To Know Before a Procedure?

Do not eat for 2 hours prior to the procedure. (Try not to drink much either 2 hours prior to the procedure. Please remember  that the message, applied in the abdominal area can cause discomfort if you have a full bladder). I always recommend that you take probiotics. If you do not have any, we also offer prebiotics and probiotics from the world's highest-quality companies (I say that very proudly!).

In conclusion, I can state with complete certainty that hydrotherapy is a procedure that does not disturb the natural mechanism by which the colon functions. Remember – a healthy colon is a foundation for a healthy life!

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