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Glucose Metabolism Support

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I have never given a review about anything in my life, but the product i have started to use a few weeks ago deserves a Huge Thumbs Up. I have always struggled with energy and brain fog but with age I have noticed it was only getting worse ,plus migraines do not make it easier, even thinking it could be my blood pressure acting up. I do follow Tatyana Galaxy PhD and was really intrigued by a new supplement she posted about, and I just thought here I go maybe it will work maybe it won't. I prayed it would because I hate spending money on things that doesn't, this product is not exactly cheap. Every dollar counts! I have waisted enough in a constant search for a product that didn't deliver. Long story short , I'm truly enjoying Simba! I'm no longer lost in space, enough energy to last all day and I don't even really crave sweets. The feeling of heaviness is going away and I've noticed that my face is not as swollen as it used to be:) Love it!! So glad I came across it!! Thank you Tanya for introducing such an Amazing product to me!

Galina G. Asheville, NC

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