Thyroid Complete

Thyroid Complete

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I purchased “Thyroid Complete” because I’m diagnosed with Hashimoto disease. I thought it would help me to manage my TSH level and heal me. At first I didn’t know when to take this supplement, so I start taking it before going to bed. It made me so awake and hard to fall a sleep that after couple of days I just stopped taking the supplement. Past some time I saw a video on YouTube by Tatyana Galaxy where she explains step by step what Thyroid Complete is and how it heals thyroid. I also found out that Thyroid Complete should only be taken in the morning because it gives a lot of energy. So when I start taking this wonderful supplement in the morning 30 min before my breakfast, my life got so much better. Got increase of energy and overall health got better. I was taking “Thyroid Complete” in the morning and “Healthy Hormones” in the evening right before I went to bed for my hormonal balance. I believe these two supplements go so well with each other. In morning and during the day I had enough energy and good mood, and in the night I slept so good and deep! My TSH went down from 12.3 to 5.1 after taking it for just
3 months. I take blood test regularly to check my numbers so I can regulate how much capsules I should take. I started with 2 caps and planning to go to 1 capsule ones I get to a desirable number. I’m so blessed to find out about “Thyroid Complete” and I do recommend to any who would like to go natural healing path on healing their thyroid!

Kristina Sedykh -  Sacramento, CA 

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